How to Make the Most of Your Cocktail Hour

February 25, 2019

Despite its name, a cocktail hour can be the perfect opportunity to “wow” your guests with more than just great cocktails. For those looking to incorporate a hint of bold and unique flavor into your event, a cocktail hour could be exactly what you need. While most people prefer their formal meal be something they are familiar with, hors d’oeuvres are the perfect way to experiment with new and exciting flavors.

These quick bites are often the first interaction guests have with your catering for the event, and while a nice shrimp cocktail didn’t hurt anybody, odds are it didn’t “wow” them either. Use this opportunity to try daring combinations and flavors to engage guests or add some flair and surprise to a classic.

Bill Hansen’s years of experience in the industry have allowed him to perfect the art of a great cocktail hour with unique culinary creations. Some of our favorite offerings are:

  1. Smoked Duck Potstickers with Lime-Chili Plum Sauce
  2. Bacon-wrapped Plantains in Spicy Mango Glaze
  3. Lobster & Shrimp Cones with Wasabi Caviar
  4. New Zealand Lamb Lollipops with Citrus Tahini Cream
  5. Blue Crab Tostones with Lime Cilantro and Avocado Butter

Of course, fun cocktails can only make the hour even better. Bill Hansen can also provide a menu of eccentric, fun cocktails for your event to really make the most of cocktail hour. Some of our best creations are:

  1. Blood Orange Bourbon Cocktail
  2. Guava Rose Cocktail
  3. Golden Coquito Cocktail with Edible Gold

Contact us today to speak with an event coordinator about how we can make the most of every minute of your event from beginning to end.